I have fallen, of late, into the trap I promised myself to avoid. I am harried, rushed. I work full time, then come back to a house full of needy small children. I have a mortgage and a marriage to mind, insurances to update and bureaucracy to decipher and somewhere along the way food has […]


Whenever you crave a simple family meal that everyone can agree on, try this recipe. My Italian friend Adelina fed her version of this recipe to my kids & I more times than I care to contemplate. And it was always a hit.  If ground beef is such a natural match to spaghetti, why not […]


Technical Mess

If you think that the blog looks like it’s been through the blender, it’s not just you. I’m having some technical difficulties beyond the scope of my lamentable programming abilities. Hang in there, my saviour is on his way. Print this entry

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Slow Cooker Succulent Turkey Breast

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It really can’t get easier then this, or more delicious. Slices from this turkey breast recipe feed my family for days, are great warm or cold (my personal favorite) and make kick ass sandwiches, salads and stir-frys. It is very tasty serves warm with mashed potatoes, but even better chilled overnight, then thinly sliced. Love […]

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Quick and Easy Barley Mujaddara

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Forget the ease of this recipe and the awesome nutritional benefits of eating a (tasty!) complete vegetarian protein. Mujaddara is one of the most beloved middle eastern foods due to its simplicity (it’s still just rice and lentils) but complex flavors. It is a wonderful side dish to any meat or fish but will also make […]

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A Back Issue

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I have not been sleeping on the job, if that’s what you’re thinking. I was, so to speak, lying on it. I am trying to find an elegant way to describe this but the last month of my life must have been the hardest and the most painful. I have survived two weeks of excruciating pain, […]

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Quick Vegan Lentil Patties

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This recipe is just what the doctor ordered if you happen to be: 1. Tired 2. Under the weather 3. Tending to under aged rugrats that are tired and under the weather 4. lacking time to cook real food due to items 1-3 5. Have only 3 ingredients in your pantry 6. Have your beloved […]

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Slow Cooker Orange and Honey Beef stew

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A list of things I want you to know: 1.My family and I are in the midst of relocating ourselves, our three children under the age of five, our clothes, our books and what is left of our peripheral nervous system. 2. We are leaving the wild, wild North, the only home my children have ever […]

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Chicken Meatloaf

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Say you have a pack of chicken breast. With two pieces of chicken in it. And a family to feed. Say you have sautéed chicken breast in a pan ad nauseam and that the frozen, crunchy grass beyond your patio doors was a pretty good indication that outdoor grilling is out of the question. Say […]

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Slow Cooker Cream of Beets soup

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Have you ever seen a pink soup? I haven’t. Until yesterday that is. Eyeing a bag of beets in my nearly empty fridge, I decided that the last thing I feel like consuming is a cold salad. so I made soup. A pink soup. It is pink. It is delicious and it is pr-e-tty. On […]

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