Expect anything from your bowels

February 26, 2009

in Pregnancy Woes

Is what the good doctor told me in my first follow up appointment, back in the innocent days of my first pregnancy. And oh boy was she right. Expect the unexpected ladies. The miniature pilot snuggled comfortably inside you is the new lord of your digestive system and will strengthen its little hold as your pregnancy progresses. 3 kg of baby doesn’t sounds like much until you realize that all these cute little grams are sitting straight over your bowels.

If you happen to be one of the chosen ones that avoided first trimester nausea, you don’t know what you are missing. It’s all about reduced options, about making it easy on your spouse to interpret your needs. My facial complexion for example radiated 1 of these 2 charming options: green or white. My moods swinging between “hungry” and “nauseous”. Nothing in between. Simplicity at its best. I refuse to acknowledge the term “morning sickness”. The doctor that invented it probably forgot to call his wife and ask her how she felt the rest of the day. All day.

Now don’t go pressing on that “back” button. I did not come here to moan pointlessly. There are ways to make it easier. Good advice I was too stubborn to listen to for the first, and a good part of my second pregnancy. What can I say. I suffer from selective hearing once my belly starts to growl.

So here you go, benefit from my lack of discipline. It is worth it once you start feeling better.

1. The dry diet. Yes, that old nurse was right. Do not drink with your food. No more milk and cookies, soup and sandwich. Eat yogurt with your cereal instead. Drink between meals. I know it sucks.  And doesn’t make sense, but it works. And I can’t stop beating myself up for not taking that advise at least 3 months ago.

2. Smaller portions. Yes, I know you are starving. And probably encouraged by everyone to take some extras “for the baby”. Don’t. Your stomach is so sluggish due to the pregnancy hormones that it has a hard time digesting already. Small portions and frequent meals are the key. I know every pregnancy book says the same thing. I was really good at ignoring them too.

Believe me, it will all be worth while once you are rid your “green” glow”.

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Bounty2009 February 26, 2009 at 11:37 pm

greay blog thanks for the tips! I have experienced some bad morning sickness but have found it useful to read the experiences of other mummies http://my.bounty.com/forums/post/130/1678135/1/1/1/morning-sickness.htm! I hope it helps others too – at least it wont last forever. Best of luck to everone else going through the same – we mummies got to stick together! xxx

ayallawt March 8, 2009 at 3:08 pm

Many thanks!
I’m glad you like my blog. Be sure I’ll go and check your link. Please come back and check out the blog’s new appearence and food section where I share recipes that worked for my family.


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