Kitchen Log

by ayallawt | March 3, 2009 3:59 pm

Remember that time when you improvised something in your kitchen, pleased your family and friends with the results, but now can’t remember how you made it?

Story of my life. I just can’t follow a recipe. I am always up for improvisations. Change this with that, use up ingredients that will be lost, try to trim out some fat, replace white flour with whole wheat, improve the technique and so on. And on. I rarely set out to make a recipe, then go gather the necessary ingredients and tools. I more set out with an empty stomach, a fridge full of estranged produce and a host of friends already invited for supper. And oh yeah, it has to be relatively healthy. And from scratch. Something reasonable for parents of a toddler and a baby on the way.

Often the result is good. The problem is that I so heavily modified the original recipe or idea, that I have no clue how to redo it. This is where you come in. This section of my blog is now officially designated as my auxiliary culinary brain, meant to store all my successful attempts for future use. With pictures. If its a keeper, you’ll find it here.

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