Back with a vengence

by ayallawt | September 23, 2009 9:56 pm

Our baby boy arrived. Finally. After all the grief this pregnancy caused us, the little thing did not even have the decency of arriving on time. 5 days overdue, when I was practically carrying the belly on my knees, he finally arrived. 5 more hip waddling, ice cream craving, sleep deprived days. 5 days may not sound like much until you find yourself actually apologizing on the phone for still being pregnant to persistent well wishers, 3 times a day.

Little Tom, the baby with the “ultrasound indicated small head” and the “lower then normal uterus height”, was born a chubby 3.45 kilograms and managed to climb to an even chubbier 5 kilos by the tender age of 5 weeks. 4 more and he will outweight his stubborn 2-year-old sister.

So now we have two. 1 piggy in a blanket, always up for a drink, and an ascetic toddler, well immersed in her terrible (who am I kidding, horrible) two’s. I wonder if the wisdom of age also makes you less irritable.  At least that’s the impression I get from st. Grandma’s patient smile every time the two howl at the same time, exactly when I’m about to take a well deserved sip of lukewarm nuked coffee.

 Ok, sarcasm aside, we are incredibly blessed with 2 beautiful, healthy, loveable children (or at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself at 2 am).  Nature, as any parent can testify, is well made, making you forget everything, labour pain and lack of sleep included,  with the first directly aimed toothless smile.

Smiling Tom

Smiling Tom

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