Newborn knowledge – Unlikely but practical tips

October 9, 2009

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Finding myself mothering a newborn for the second time is a strange experience. I mean, in a way I have a sense of calm, a “been there, done that” sort of attitude, but at the same time, every baby is different. Not every hard earned lesson I learned with my girl necessarily applies for my little boy. Today I want to share with you the most unlikely but practical tips I learned about parenting a newborn baby. They might seem a little strange, but they work for us.


Tip # 1: The laundry basket.

 Both my babies have spent their first few months of life sleeping in it. Yes, in the laundry basket and yes, I removed the dirty socks first.
A large, rectangular, plastic laundry basket . It’s cheaper than all these fancy cribs that only serve you for a couple of months, it is very light weight so I can carry the baby with me anywhere around the house while he naps, and since young babies only see a few centimeters beyond their adorable little noses, it does not cramp their style. I put a rectangular pillow in the bottom of the basket and fit a receiving blanket over it. It is especially convenient when you like the baby  to sleep in your room for the time being but do not have the place for a large bed. unstylish? maybe, but in these financial times, it makes sense.

Tip # 2: The hair dryer. 

 The first time my husband tried hair drying our first born after her bath I was slightly skeptical to say the least (honestly, I thought the lack of sleep got to his head). But the blissful expression on her face changed my mind rather quickly. A few short minutes drying with the hot air blowing gently above her kept her warm and happy for all the rest of the routine. No more crying while you practice your cool new baby massage moves.

Tip # 3: Move it baby!

Making your baby exercise during the day and especially in the evening might help baby unwind and sleep more and better. We all have the need and instinct to carry our precious bundle in our arms as much as possible. My point is that even in their first months of life, babies need an energy outlet. Let your baby work out a bit on a blanket, switching from back to belly while you talk softly to him (and supervise closely), several times a day and you might find your baby more relaxed and less cranky.

Tip # 4: Baby manicure. An original alternative to cutting your baby’s nails.

Are you as terrified as I am to cut your baby’s nails? they are so soft and his fingers are so tiny that I can’t help but worry about hurting him. On the other hand, when I let his nails be, the poor thing ends up looking like Scarface by the end of the day. Who would have thought that an innocent looking newborn would have nails as sharp as an alley cat’s? The solution? file them. You heard me. File them. Use your nail filer and softly rub it back and forth on your baby’s nails, smoothing away the sharp edges. No more red scars exactly when you planned a family photo.

Tip #5: Diaper changing stations.

And I mean stations. In plural. All around the house. This is especially important when your house has more than one floor. On the other hand, if you limit the diaper changing station to your baby’s room, you might get those legs sculpted faster without the help of the Stairmaster.

That’s it for today. I’ll continue posting more tips as I go. You never know what might come in handy.

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