Never say never

October 12, 2009

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Have you indulged these big lofty ideals prior to having children? I for example snobishly vowed never to reduce my child’s culinary choices to the hot-dog-and-fries infested “kid’s menus”, never to mesmerize them in front of the television in order to have some peace and quiet and to NEVER install a DVD player in the back of the family car.

At high noon today, when my culinary juices failed to flow, I naturally chose the second best option: guilt tripping my husband to take us all out. Now, when you live in James bay’s last village to smell the asphalt, your choices can be quite limited. You either eat pizza (again), brave the local restaurant, or drive in icy rain for over an hour to Radisson’s only diner. We chose the later.

So today, my daughter of two years of age watched “101 Dalmatian’s” en route to junkfoodville, finished an entire hot-dog with her ketchup, for which she got rewarded with nutritious gummy bears, only to fall asleep to the blessed sounds of our (Nobel prise for peace nominee) VERY recently-tie-wrapped-to-the-front-seat DVD player. So there. Sue me.

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