Motherhood is

by ayallawt | October 21, 2009 9:52 am

As I see it, Motherhood, especially fresh new one, is all about readjustments. When your miracle child is born into this world everything changes. Among others you find yourself readjusting your standards so that:

Burping in public becomes desirable behaviour (the baby ladies, the baby)
5 consecutive hours of sleep constitute “a night”
A quick pass of baby wipes and getting out of your pj’s is considered “getting ready to go out”, and the contents of a diaper is an acceptable topic to discuss over tea.

The next thing to go is your vocabulary. A quick glance at your new and improved lexicon will reveal that: “Solid food” is in fact mushy carrots, and “curves” have more to do with your baby’s weight then the size of your thighs.

Even your culinary preferences will take a toll when you learn to like dry toast and lukewarm coffee, and to loudly praise sticky biscuit, fed to your mouth by even stickier little fingers.

Your taste in fine arts long forgotten after the 68th time of watching the “Aristocats”, especially after catching yourself humming “I am Thomas O’Malley the ally cat” while making your morning coffee.

Ok, I feel all better now. Time for another coffee.

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