A dose of Humor is all it takes

October 23, 2009

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This morning I have the honor of being featured on the “Dose of humor” column, here at the ever popular 5 minutes for parenting site.  I must say that their timing could not have been more perfect. A dose of humor is the one thing I needed this morning or else today would have remained “projectile Friday”. My morning started (after 4.7 hours of sleep..does that count as a night yet?) with the baby demanding to be nursed. I pick him up and bring him to our bed.  So far a typical AM. From there everything took a turn for the gooey (warning, this post is not for the faint of heart) when the poor little thing got instantly sick. So long our “better homes and gardens” cushions. My husband, absorbing a substantial amount, became instantly airborne. What a way to wake up. So we get up, we take a shower, We smell like soap. Life is not so bad.

10 minutes later, the baby attempts to have his breakfast. Again. He gets sick. Again. Sigh. At least I now have enough mess to fill a load of laundry. But wait, the fun doesn’t end here. In the course of 1 morning, baby Tom managed to stain green his new outfit (all you parents out there know what I am talking about), to wet another and to spit on poor mommy (and daddy) trice more. To his defence I can only say that the poor baby is unmistakably sick. His eyes are gooey, his nose makes noise and he is atypically clingy. Can anyone explain to me how after all that jazz, he still smells so good?

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