Oink Oink. My family, the swine flu shot and other animals

November 1, 2009

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So we went and got the shot. All of us, excluding the one in the “under six months of age” category. I know it kinda spoils the suspense but since my decision to go and get vaccinated was made on the fly, I thought I might as well just tell you about it right away.  And why did I hurry such an important decision? I guess it’s because I had enough of deliberating. The more I tried to educate myself about the subject, the more confused I became. According to Maclean’s magazines, only one in three Canadians plan on getting the H1N1 vaccine, due to growing apathy stemming from contradicting information. I hear those people, I really do, but unfortunately I do not have the luxury of making a point here and refraining from participating in this battle of giants. We live in a remote area, which means that our small village of approximately 4500 inhabitants is secluded. The closest real hospital is over 1000 km away and most people come and go via air, thus transporting and spreading viruses even faster than in busy urban centers. We work for the health system. My husband passes his days going in and out of our hospital and so do many of our closest friends. And if that isn’t enough, my little one (actually, she is my oldest one but as long as she doesn’t even pass the maximum weight for an infant car seat, I will continue to refer to her as little, ok?) goes to daycare which does double duty as virus central, returning happily everyday with her nostrils tainted a different shade of green.

So we got the shot. The morning after I saw on the news the parents of that poor Toronto teenager that died from the swine flu. At age thirteen. A hocky player. 48 hours after contracting it. Gosh. Think about it, your kid complains he isn’t feeling very well and 48 hours later, poof, no more kid. I admit I may not know much about this vaccine, I shamefully admit to not doing my homework about H1N1, but  what I do know for a fact is that I will not be able to live with myself if something happened to my kids because I wanted to make a point.

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kanmuri December 1, 2009 at 7:26 pm

With small children around, I think you made the right decision to get the shot. I personally don’t intend to get it. If everyone gets it, the vaccine will become useless, as the virus will evolve faster. They had the same problem with the hepatitis A and B vaccine. Everyone got a shot of twinrix, and the vaccine started to lose it’s power…

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