Back from the dead

by ayallawt | November 22, 2009 4:05 pm

So last week we took the plane southbound to visit the grandparents. The plane ride ordinary, as much as ordinary can be with a toddler and a three-month old on board. The toddler threw a few tantrums, the baby slept. Then the toddler threw a tantrum and the baby slept some more. The baby ate and the toddler threw a tantrum. The baby was changed, then immediately put his new diaper to good use while the toddler – you guessed it- threw another tantrum. All in a day’s work.

Although sufficiently exhausting, it is not the trip that kept me from blogging these last few days. For this you can thank a particularly nasty specimen of a throat infection. This one was not your ordinary “I don’t feel so good” garden variety bug like the one we had as a house guest the week before last. This was the real deal. I was leveled to the ground (ok, to the bed) with a temperature of almost 40°c  for nearly a week. Completely out of commission. My usual cheery drill- Sergent efficient self (stop laughing honey) reduced to a word slurring door mat. I got more bed rest than after giving birth. Acute Tonsillitis the doctor said. Charming , but I would have thought more along the line of  “Everything hurts-so-much-I can’t think straight-metal-shards-in-my-saliva-somebody please shoot me-llitis”. Slightly more informative and user-friendly.

I am happy to report that my prescribed horse pills of antibiotics are doing their trick. I am back.

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