We have a life

by ayallawt | April 29, 2010 10:41 pm

You guessed it. This nearly two weeks long silence was due to  yet another family travel. We are crazy like that. Actually, the FAMILY was not supposed to travel anywhere. My hardworking husband, which remains a geek reguardless of how great  he looks in his jeans, was sent to the big city for a week long business trip. He tried not to look excited about it, tried to enter in my thick head how much EASIER it would be for me to stay alone here on the reserve with our 2 babies (one of them, mind you, is square into her terrible two’s) and not tag along. I acknowledged politely and then proceeded to refuse all logic. Instead of staying home changing diapers/wiping noses/feeding mouths/getting up at night while he flies to destination, stays in hotels and does lunch with movers and shakers, we will ALL (terrible two and baby included), squeeze into our smallish SUV and drive overnight for 23 hours straight. There, doesn’t that sound a lot more logical?

After several futile attempts to reason with my madness, the poor guy just gave up and started loading the car. We left at 17:00, holding tight to our bag of salvation (aka children’s DVDs). The car ride went rather well, not counting almost falling asleep on the wheel and consuming  unreasonable amounts of diet pop and beef jerky. We also shamelessly fed the children fries every time we passed by a McDonald’s. I repeat, DVDs and all-you-can-eat fries. Shameless, I know, but very effective with our brand of rugrats.

On arrival, we settled at my ever-patient in-laws. Settled? I mean invaded. We took over their living room, their guest room and their corridor, we filled their fridge with our favorite foods and barricaded their bathrooms with potties. And they still love us anyway. God bless grandparents. The guy went daily to his important meetings lunches in fancy restaurants and I stayed home to have my own important meetings, ones that usually involved a potty. How glamorous is my life?

We did however, try to enjoy our close proximity to civilization by going out and doing what other normal couples do, and no, McDonald’s doesn’t count. We watched a movie. In a real movie theater. Without the kids. Hooray! We went shopping ( so what if it was for diapers) and we even got to dress up and play adults in one of those impossibly hip restaurants. Bistros. Lounges. Bars. Things. It was fancy and it was expensive. Two elaborated drinks and one miniature entry later, we busted an entire week of grocery budget. Not that we looked of course. We also did not enjoy passing judgement on other patron’s  fashion forward clothing and definitely did not try to guess which ones have children. No, no. We would never do that. Not us. WE have a life. Several of them actually. Yeah.

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