Easy Whole Wheat Bread 2.0

by ayallawt | May 18, 2010 10:28 pm

Just wanted to give you an update about what’s really important in life and no, global warming isn’t it.

I am proud to announce that with the help of a fellow blogger, I managed to make my Easy whole wheat bread [1]even better, with no extra effort at all.

The other day I made cooking for seven[2]‘s  favorite 100% whole wheat bread[3] and liked the results. I decided to incorporate some of her good tips in my own whole wheat bread[4] recipe and loved the results even more.
Our basic recipes are quite similar as you can see (if you click on the highlighted texts which are links to our respective recipes).
Following my success with her recipe, I realized that :

  1. I could reduce the amount of yeast I was using for a better, less “yeasty” taste. I now add 2 tsp instead of 1 Tbsp.
  2. that this amount of flour could easily make two loafs instead of one (which to my very humble opinions also improves the texture)
  3. that I can bake my bread in a 350F oven instead of 380F.
  4. I still much prefer to kick-start the yeast with water and honey and let it come alive before adding it to the flour and kneading it.
  5. I also kept my original quantity of sweetener (honey in my case) and my 4 cups of flour (she uses 3 1/2 cups).
  6. cooking for seven[5] uses 2 Tbsp of oil and my original recipe[6] calls for only one. I tried both options and found no real difference in the results.


Try it folks, it’s now two for the price of one!

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