A slap on the wrist, anyone?

by ayallawt | June 28, 2010 6:38 pm

Please don’t bother, I have already slapped myself on the wrist several times. I has been, what? two whole weeks since my last post? I can always come up with this lousy excuse, telling you that I have been on the road with 2 children under the age of three, gulping about 4000 kilometers. Unfortunately, that would be the truth. I (my husband) have also forgot my beloved camera in our other car which will only be back in our loving arms in about two weeks time. Brace yourselves for a few fizzy days of point and shoot. But I’m back now. And have just finished licking the bowl after my best-ever tuna and chickpea salad. I have to post this recipe sometime soon or I will forever forget how I made it. My brain matter is like a colander. Thank goodness you are here to help.

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