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by ayallawt | February 21, 2009 2:55 am

Is this a trick question?

On a more serious note, this blog was born in order for me to learn more about me, about what am I all about. As I am sure many mothers have noticed, we have this tendency to forget about ourselves. Cooking helps me connect. So does Writing. I often don’t even know what it is that I wanted to say until my page is fully written.

As for the facts, My Name is Ayalla.  A Humanities graduate (with honors) who earns her daily bread working in administration (Yawn.  Too bad I am so good at it).  A wife to Adam, a talented IT project manager (and a full blown computer geek but don’t tell him I said so or this blog might die  misteriously from unnatural causes).

I am a mother of three little treasures:  Noa, my oldest  girl, was born in October 2007 after 36 (!) hours of labour. Little Tom, (born August 2009) was conceived one  winter later, after an especially bad case of amnesia. Baby Lia (born June 2011) is the newest addition to our family. We live among the Crees of James Bay in the Canadian province of Quebec, where my husband’s work have brought us. Living in native territory is our everyday adventure.

My family is my primary source of joy, after that comes cooking and writing about it all. If one day I will be able to live off my feather (or keyboard) I will be a very happy woman, but for now I will settle for a full night of sleep.

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