A call for arms (and spatulas)

I have fallen, of late, into the trap I promised myself to avoid. I am harried, rushed. I work full time, then come back to a house full of needy small children. I have a mortgage and a marriage to mind, insurances to update and bureaucracy to decipher and somewhere along the way food has […]

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A Back Issue

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I have not been sleeping on the job, if that’s what you’re thinking. I was, so to speak, lying on it. I am trying to find an elegant way to describe this but the last month of my life must have been the hardest and the most painful. I have survived two weeks of excruciating pain, […]

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A rant and a delicious countdown

I’d like to issue a a warning to my male readers: I am about to talk shop about my pregnancy. Be warned or just skip to the food photos down below at any time if you feel  faint. So after 17 weeks of nausea (as I wrote in the past, morning sickness is a term invented by a […]

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Anti-Stress Recipe

I finally did it. I packed my bags and left. For a week. All alone. No husband. No kids. No laundry. If you ignore the fact that my husband practically kicked me out and my friend Val kidnapped me kicking and screaming from the sidewalk, you can actually be proud of me. I slept as […]

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My baby is one (of a kind).

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Happy birthday my love. I know you enjoyed your chocolate cake. Print this entry

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I’m a sucker for him

Our relationship is not what you may call fair. You can be sure that I am the one putting in all the effort. I cook for him, I clean his cloths. I comfort him when he has a bad day and am always the one to come up with new things to do together. He never […]

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We have a life

You guessed it. This nearly two weeks long silence was due to  yet another family travel. We are crazy like that. Actually, the FAMILY was not supposed to travel anywhere. My hardworking husband, which remains a geek reguardless of how great  he looks in his jeans, was sent to the big city for a week long business […]

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Daily minutes and cucumber salad

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This Friday morning I woke up determined to get back in the saddle. Four weeks of utter chaos (aka “vacation”) left me yearning for some good old routine. The queen of toddlers is back on track, in daycare and away from indulgent grand parents influence, my husband is back at work. Now its up to baby Tom and me […]

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Home again

I know, I know, its been ages since I posted anything and no, we have not gone on a diet. To my defence I report witnessing trans atlantic flights, climate change, an overdose of social gatherings and two very jet lagged little people. I am happy to report that we have braved the journey back […]

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Yesterday I shaved my head

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No I didn’t. But it makes for a nice, catchy title, doesn’t it? In fact, at a certain point yesterday I was giving the notion much serious thought, right about when I realized that for the third time in a row, I will have to entertain my 3-6 months old pajama clad little boss while I’m in […]

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