Slow Cooker Tomato and Beef Cube Sauce for Spaghetti

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Whenever you crave a simple family meal that everyone can agree on, try this recipe. My Italian friend Adelina fed her version of this recipe to my kids & I more times than I care to contemplate. And it was always a hit.  If ground beef is such a natural match to spaghetti, why not […]

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Technical Mess

If you think that the blog looks like it’s been through the blender, it’s not just you. I’m having some technical difficulties beyond the scope of my lamentable programming abilities. Hang in there, my saviour is on his way. Print this entry

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Slow cooker Maple Salmon

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I love my slow cooker. Thanks to it’s magic, I no longer suffer from Salmonophobia. Until this very afternoon, I have never attempted to cook Salmon. It is sad but true. But no more! This recipe was made with 6 Salmon fillets I had in my freezer. I have yet to try with fresh salmon but it […]

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Whole Wheat Banana Bread

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This is one simple Banana bread to make. It always comes out right. It does not have gazillion pounds of butter in it and it contained 50% whole wheat flour. The crust has almost a crunch to it and it keeps on the kitchen counter on in the fridge for a few days, without getting […]

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Microwave Apricot Jam

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This jam practically sustained my mother in law through a whole weekend of wrangling babysitting my two little scoundrels treasures, while the hubby and I took off to ogle watch Bon Jovi in Winnipeg. All. By. Ourselves. In the scope of  a mere 72 hours we came dangerously close to missing our plane(s) (and thus loose everything) due to […]

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Quick and easy Chili Con Carne

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Please take a moment to notice the absence of my beloved SLR camera. This pic was taken with a point and shoot replacement which is, well, convenient. Shiver. This post has been lying in my dusty drafts folder for nearly a week now. This is how long it took me to temporarily incapacitate my obsessive perfectionist evil […]

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Stay tuned for baked Falafels

On the menu today, baked falafel! My husband nicely asked for meatballs. Of course I said no. It is W-A-R-M outside! I can’t digest meat when it’s warm (unless it is made on the grill and not by me). So tonight I’m making falafels, full of lemon and parsley. YUM. Stay with me, hopefully I […]

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Zucchini in garlic, mint and lemon

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In case I don’t mention it often enough, we live in a very remote location. The asphalt stops at our village. You will have to take either a plane or a boat to continue norther bound. The nearest decent size shopping center is over a 1000 kilometers away (sniff). Our (un)fortunate remoteness from civilization brings us closer […]

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Quicky Microwave Orange Marmalade

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Do you like orange marmalade? the bitter-sweet tangy kind with real pieces of orange peel in it? So do I.  Sooo good on a fresh slice of bread, even better if you sneak in some butter. How about sugar? lots of industrial, processed, white sugar? do you like that? oh, and some Fructose (another name for […]

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Growing pains

Welcome to my new site’s design. It’s half baked, I know, but bear with me on this, OK? It will be worth it, I promise. The end. Print this entry

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