Morrocan inspired meatballs with tomatoes, olives and lemon

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My husband asked for some meatloaf. Good old meatloaf. The baby was napping and the meat was on the counter. All I had to do was assemble one of the easiest dishes known to mankind and then drink my coffee in peace. Almost too easy. Too easy. Boring. I just couldn’t do it. My palate […]

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Bread Machine Whole wheat bread 2.0

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This bread is even better than it’s predecessor. It’s lighter, fluffier and the crust has a nice crunch to it. I’m getting there people! I am still working on a bread machine Challah (traditional jewish egg bread. Very YUM). Recipe will surely follow once I am pleased with my results (being a perfectionist, it might take […]

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A dose of Humor is all it takes

This morning I have the honor of being featured on the “Dose of humor” column, here at the ever popular 5 minutes for parenting site.  I must say that their timing could not have been more perfect. A dose of humor is the one thing I needed this morning or else today would have remained “projectile […]

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Friday night special

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Friday night suppers have always been my family’s tradition. The only night of the week in which we all sat around one table, clean and well dressed, to have a leisurely meal together. Our table clad in white, my parent’s excellent food was served on the “good” dishes, those we were not allowed to use on mere week […]

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Kitchen Log

Remember that time when you improvised something in your kitchen, pleased your family and friends with the results, but now can’t remember how you made it? Story of my life. I just can’t follow a recipe. I am always up for improvisations. Change this with that, use up ingredients that will be lost, try to trim out some […]

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