Sole in butter, lemon and capers

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I probably mentioned this earlier, but my father is an amazing cook. Totally devoted. His dishes are always succulent and he follows recipes to a tee. My mother says I am my father’s daughter but here is where the apple took a slight detour from the tree. I always tweak my recipes. part scientific curiosity and […]

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C'est bon mama

C’est bon mama, said my little francophone. It’s good mommy. For the first time, I heard these words coming out of her little mouth. My impossibly tiny toddler who systematically refuses to follow any growth curve known to man, who survived her sickly second year of life on grapes and cheese, who wears out her […]

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Whole wheat Cheddar Biscuits

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This recipe originates from Chef Michael Smith’s popular TV show “chef at home”. I was watching the chef do his magic while my Hungarian stew  slowly simmered and immediately decided that these biscuits would make an excellent side dish (not to mention so much quicker to make then the original loaf of bread I had in mind). Of course, I couldn’t help […]

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Slow cooker Hungarian beef stew

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My theory about slow cookers is that they are supposed to work for me and not vice versa. Chopping, browning, draining and cleaning BEFORE placing your ingredients in the slow cooker just doesn’t make any sense to me. I might as well leave the dish in its original pot and end up with less dishes. The […]

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It is snowing on my Tipi

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This morning I sat at my desk watching the snowstorm rage outside, my palms cradling a fresh cup of coffee. Having a toddler and a baby to care for, warming my palms (both at the same time) on a hot (and not reheated) cup of coffee is a rare and delicious treat. Exhausted by a sleepless night due to his first round […]

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Never say never

Have you indulged these big lofty ideals prior to having children? I for example snobishly vowed never to reduce my child’s culinary choices to the hot-dog-and-fries infested “kid’s menus”, never to mesmerize them in front of the television in order to have some peace and quiet and to NEVER install a DVD player in the back of the […]

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Creamy lentil soup

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Creamy lentil soup Ingredients: 1 large onion 2 medium carrots, peeled 2 celery stalks 1 Parsnip root, peeled 4 tbsp Canola oil 1 cup red lentils 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp turmeric 4.5 cups chicken or vegetable stock salt and pepper to taste Preparation: 1. Chop the onion, carrots, celery and parsnip and saute in […]

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Newborn knowledge – Unlikely but practical tips

Finding myself mothering a newborn for the second time is a strange experience. I mean, in a way I have a sense of calm, a “been there, done that” sort of attitude, but at the same time, every baby is different. Not every hard earned lesson I learned with my girl necessarily applies for my little […]

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Small Victory, big group

Today was my little girl’s first day in her new daycare. In the “big kids” group. This time, we won the battle. Being born in the end of October awkwardly destined my daughter to the “up to 24 months” group, just when she was about to turn two.  Now, that might sound a little petty to those of you who don’t […]

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Chicken meatballs with dill and peas

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This recipe came out of my desperate efforts to have my 2-year-old girl excited about food. Lately she developed a fix for everything that is small and round and resembles a play ball. I suspect the influence of her favorite little boy, a true sports fan at the age of 3. We roll her bread with pieces of […]

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