Easy whole wheat bread

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Update: I have revised and improved this bread thanks to a recipe by fellow blogger from cooking for seven. You can find her great 100% whole wheat bread here, and my post about the changes here. The recipe has also been updated down below. This loaf is by far the star of my extended search for a […]

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Back with a vengence

Our baby boy arrived. Finally. After all the grief this pregnancy caused us, the little thing did not even have the decency of arriving on time. 5 days overdue, when I was practically carrying the belly on my knees, he finally arrived. 5 more hip waddling, ice cream craving, sleep deprived days. 5 days may not […]

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It's probably nothing – The next generation

Home safe and sound from my last trip to the OB-Gyn, I was preparing myself for 3 or 4 weeks of nice, boring routine. After all, the Doc gave me a clear bill of health, and my follow up was not due before next month. Come the morning of my regular pregnancy check up, only a week […]

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Homemade Hummus

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Hummus has always been a family favorite. My baby girl probably picked it up in utero. No other way to explain why she ate it by the spoonful, while refusing all other more appropriate baby foods. My husband and I eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper. It also makes a great midnight snack in front of […]

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It's probably nothing

I don’t know about you, but when a doctor tells me not to worry, I immediately start fretting. Unresolved health issues are worrisome enough when one’s own health is concerned. They turn downright terrifying when your helpless little man cub is on the line.   Pajama parties in a hospital room with my baby girl, oxygen tubes in […]

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Slowcoocker sweet n spicy meat balls

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These are definitely different from your regular meatball. The speed in which they disappear will be different as well. Do try these at home. Slowcoocker sweet n spicy meat balls  Ingredients: For the Meatballs: 750 gr lean ground beef 1 cup breadcrumbs 1 beaten egg 1 finely minced onion ( cheat and use the the food processor) salt and pepper […]

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Friday night special

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Friday night suppers have always been my family’s tradition. The only night of the week in which we all sat around one table, clean and well dressed, to have a leisurely meal together. Our table clad in white, my parent’s excellent food was served on the “good” dishes, those we were not allowed to use on mere week […]

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Luscious Chocolate pudding

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Being health conscious can seriously hinder your culinary skills when it comes to dessert. I crave serving my guests (and me!) the perfect after meal treat, but then I peek at the ingredient list. Butter, usually in a 3 digit number, heavy cream, white flour, refined sugars. Sigh.  A part of me has a real problem making peace […]

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Easy ground beef curry

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This easy to make curry style dish comes from a book by the Quebecois magazine “Coup de pouce“. I use it to improve my shaky french. On top of its educational purposes, it includes excellent recipes that are literally fool proof. Every recipe I ever tried of theirs was a success. Even when I stray “a […]

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Kitchen Log

Remember that time when you improvised something in your kitchen, pleased your family and friends with the results, but now can’t remember how you made it? Story of my life. I just can’t follow a recipe. I am always up for improvisations. Change this with that, use up ingredients that will be lost, try to trim out some […]

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