Mini Yogurt Pancakes

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This recipe is for those of us plotting to get rid of some extra flavored yogurt kicking around in the fridge. Strawberry, peach, prune, everything goes! Did your spouse bring home a family pack of passion fruit flavored yogurt that was on sale? this is the recipe for you! I like to whisk all the ingredients in the food […]

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Easy No-Yeast Pizza

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In my last post (shamefully, over 2 weeks ago) I lamented the loss of my beloved, easy pizza recipe. It was such a life saver whenever I had not enough brain matter left alive to figure out supper. Coming to think of it, let’s take a moment to ponder why I developed such a dependence […]

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Pizza, come home!

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Two weeks ago I made this pizza. It was good. It was so good, and so easy to make that I made it again last week. In fact, it was so good and so easy to make that I planned on serving it to my guests on new year’s eve, confident in my ability to prepare this […]

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Easy, Healthy Date Cookies

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OK, OK, so there is no such thing as a healthy cookie. But what about mental health? mine sure improves eating one of these cookies. Especially when I cannot seem to hold one in my hand around my baby boy without him stretching out his little arm towards me, demanding his share. “Do you want some of […]

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Slow cooker Greek style Chicken and Potatoes

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 This easy and flavorful dish was the fruit of my efforts last week to clean up my fridge and freezer from a myriad of forgotten ingredients. It really doesn’t get much easier than this. Just pop the potatoes and chicken in the crock, brush with some sauce and wait. The only laborious part is skinning the […]

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Beef Tourtiere a la Ayalla

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Not many dishes spell special occasion more then a Tourtiere. A traditional Quebecois dish, with as many versions as regions and households. The Tourtiere is basically a meat pie, made with everything from leftover stew, to game meat, fresh duck or even sea food. The filing is moist and well seasoned, the crust  crispy and […]

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a weekend of cooking on a budget

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Last weekend I decided not to go shopping. My fridge was bursting at the seams with unwanted leftovers, semi-finished packages and forgotten ingredients. At that point in time that I decided to conduct my very own  iron chef competition. Against myself. The secret ingredient?  to come up with several dishes for the upcoming week using only what I […]

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Sesame Crusted Salmon and Tuna Loaf with white dill sauce

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Light, airy and elegant looking, this fish loaf is a perfect answer to the eternal question. “what’s for supper?”. Especially if you have company coming, you don’t have time to go shopping and you are generally busy not having a life..or is it having too much of it? I never really grasped the full meaning of […]

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Slow-Cooker corn and fish Chowder

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Finally. A recipe interesting enough to share. I planned to tell you how I’m feeling all better now but then I managed to jam my lower back rolling out off bed. How pathetic is that? Now I need help putting  my socks on. So romantic. No wonder my poor husband falls all over himself trying […]

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It won’t be long now

I have been away from home and back again. Out of the country and back in. I am the receiver of good news. Some have been bad. It has been absolute madness in my life. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Feeling under the weather didn’t give me much taste for cooking, but neglecting […]

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