Newborn knowledge – Unlikely but practical tips

Finding myself mothering a newborn for the second time is a strange experience. I mean, in a way I have a sense of calm, a “been there, done that” sort of attitude, but at the same time, every baby is different. Not every hard earned lesson I learned with my girl necessarily applies for my little […]

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Expect anything from your bowels

Is what the good doctor told me in my first follow up appointment, back in the innocent days of my first pregnancy. And oh boy was she right. Expect the unexpected ladies. The miniature pilot snuggled comfortably inside you is the new lord of your digestive system and will strengthen its little hold as your […]

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Babies Cry, Don’t take it personally

When my baby was born into this world, I was struck with the reality of it all. She is mine, my baby, nobody else’s. It  felt like one of those reality shows when you get to play a part in someone else’s life for a while, but don’t get too comfortable, the camera crew is on its way […]

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