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Quick and Easy Barley Mujaddara

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Forget the ease of this recipe and the awesome nutritional benefits of eating a (tasty!) complete vegetarian protein. Mujaddara is one of the most beloved middle eastern foods due to its simplicity (it’s still just rice and lentils) but complex flavors. It is a wonderful side dish to any meat or fish but will also make […]

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Quick Vegan Lentil Patties

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This recipe is just what the doctor ordered if you happen to be: 1. Tired 2. Under the weather 3. Tending to under aged rugrats that are tired and under the weather 4. lacking time to cook real food due to items 1-3 5. Have only 3 ingredients in your pantry 6. Have your beloved […]

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Chicken Meatloaf

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Say you have a pack of chicken breast. With two pieces of chicken in it. And a family to feed. Say you have sautéed chicken breast in a pan ad nauseam and that the frozen, crunchy grass beyond your patio doors was a pretty good indication that outdoor grilling is out of the question. Say […]

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Dairy Free Pizza Flavored Quiche

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This recipe is an old favorite of mine. Every few months or so, when I am truly brain dead, sleep deprived, not in the mood or just plain grumpy (no, I am not in my period, I just gave birth, thank you very much), I desperately browse my old recipe collection for inspiration. At a point in […]

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Slow cooker Chicken in wine and mushrooms

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I should really be fancy and call this dish something along the lines of “Coq au vin blanc et champignons”. Doesn’t everything sound better in French? It does, if you take a moment to ignore my accent. French pronunciation aside, this dish does, excuse my French, kicks b*tt. It is rich, comforting and elegant. A perfect company […]

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Baby Countdown #2 Slow-Cooker Easy stuffed Peppers

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Hello? hello? Don’t hang up! I’m still there! even though I came quite close to losing my operating room virginity this very afternoon. As it so happened, I was attending a routine 40 weeks check up today when the good doctor noticed that although the belly is prominent, it’s inhabitant is not, shall we say, […]

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