On new arrivals, forgotten recipes and a quick Goat Cheese and Tomato sauce Pasta

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On June 30th, 2011 at 17:17 in the afternoon to be exact, my new baby girl literaly glided into the world and our waiting arms. For once, after two very long and difficult past births, I was rewarded with a wonderful experience. If you are reading this, thanks everyone at the hospital!   Now that the […]

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We have a life

You guessed it. This nearly two weeks long silence was due to  yet another family travel. We are crazy like that. Actually, the FAMILY was not supposed to travel anywhere. My hardworking husband, which remains a geek reguardless of how great  he looks in his jeans, was sent to the big city for a week long business […]

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On bravery and meatloaf (and broccoli mashed potatoes)

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  Yesterday we went sliding. On the snow. Downhill. Now, for many of you this may sound like a perfectly normal weekend family activity for a cold December morning. Many of you, I presume, were also born with skates attached to your feet. I, on the other hand, prefer my ground nice and solid. Maybe […]

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Enough already

I ain’t really here. Just past some of the night in a real bed while Grandma took charge for a few hours. I hang out at a hospital now, with a 2-year-old pneumonia patient, going out every 3 hours to breast feed in a car. Not fun. I begin to wonder if the big guy has it […]

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Motherhood is

As I see it, Motherhood, especially fresh new one, is all about readjustments. When your miracle child is born into this world everything changes. Among others you find yourself readjusting your standards so that: Burping in public becomes desirable behaviour (the baby ladies, the baby) 5 consecutive hours of sleep constitute “a night” A quick pass […]

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Never say never

Have you indulged these big lofty ideals prior to having children? I for example snobishly vowed never to reduce my child’s culinary choices to the hot-dog-and-fries infested “kid’s menus”, never to mesmerize them in front of the television in order to have some peace and quiet and to NEVER install a DVD player in the back of the […]

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Small Victory, big group

Today was my little girl’s first day in her new daycare. In the “big kids” group. This time, we won the battle. Being born in the end of October awkwardly destined my daughter to the “up to 24 months” group, just when she was about to turn two.  Now, that might sound a little petty to those of you who don’t […]

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