Slow Cooker Polish Pickle Soup

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No, I’m not pregnant again, thank you very much. I just love pickles. And soups. And this brilliant combination of the two. My Polish friend M. is the one who introduced me to this dish. M. is a medical professional, a talented musician, a great cook and an all around funny guy. He has this […]

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Slow cooker Greek style Chicken and Potatoes

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 This easy and flavorful dish was the fruit of my efforts last week to clean up my fridge and freezer from a myriad of forgotten ingredients. It really doesn’t get much easier than this. Just pop the potatoes and chicken in the crock, brush with some sauce and wait. The only laborious part is skinning the […]

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Slow-Cooker corn and fish Chowder

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Finally. A recipe interesting enough to share. I planned to tell you how I’m feeling all better now but then I managed to jam my lower back rolling out off bed. How pathetic is that? Now I need help putting  my socks on. So romantic. No wonder my poor husband falls all over himself trying […]

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Hungarian Potato soup

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I love this soup. It has always been my recipe to fall back on when I needed something good and hearty, but did not have the budget/time/energy to deliver. It is good, it looks nice, it ain’t fussy and it won’t cost you much. Thanks dad. I often double the quantity of vegetables, all except the […]

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