A Back Issue

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I have not been sleeping on the job, if that’s what you’re thinking. I was, so to speak, lying on it. I am trying to find an elegant way to describe this but the last month of my life must have been the hardest and the most painful. I have survived two weeks of excruciating pain, […]

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We have a life

You guessed it. This nearly two weeks long silence was due to  yet another family travel. We are crazy like that. Actually, the FAMILY was not supposed to travel anywhere. My hardworking husband, which remains a geek reguardless of how great  he looks in his jeans, was sent to the big city for a week long business […]

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Yesterday I shaved my head

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No I didn’t. But it makes for a nice, catchy title, doesn’t it? In fact, at a certain point yesterday I was giving the notion much serious thought, right about when I realized that for the third time in a row, I will have to entertain my 3-6 months old pajama clad little boss while I’m in […]

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A hard day's night

Tonight I set out to blow off some steam. To write about my achy back, my sink full of dishes, my messy toy choked living room and the still packed suitcase that decorates our bedroom floor, commiserating with my husband’s forgotten dirty socks. I wanted to complain about the lack of time for myself, the great posts that come and […]

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So how was your weekend?

I wish I could tell you we went to Disneyland. Or camping/swimming/ice fishing.  But noooooooooo, we had to stay home. All weekend long. And I wish I could blame the kids. “no, the kids are sick again, I’m so sorry but we won’t be able to make it”, but the truth is that they are the epitome […]

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The revenge of the dishwasher

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Did you ever have one of these days? where nothing works and disaster looms in every corner? My day started when I innocently opened the dishwasher’s door, only to meet the foul draft of  the very insulted dishes I forgot there the night before. Sighing, I shoved a few fossiled coffee cups into the beast’s mouth and chose the “sanitize rinse”, just to […]

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Oink Oink. My family, the swine flu shot and other animals

So we went and got the shot. All of us, excluding the one in the “under six months of age” category. I know it kinda spoils the suspense but since my decision to go and get vaccinated was made on the fly, I thought I might as well just tell you about it right away.  And why […]

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Motherhood is

As I see it, Motherhood, especially fresh new one, is all about readjustments. When your miracle child is born into this world everything changes. Among others you find yourself readjusting your standards so that: Burping in public becomes desirable behaviour (the baby ladies, the baby) 5 consecutive hours of sleep constitute “a night” A quick pass […]

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C'est bon mama

C’est bon mama, said my little francophone. It’s good mommy. For the first time, I heard these words coming out of her little mouth. My impossibly tiny toddler who systematically refuses to follow any growth curve known to man, who survived her sickly second year of life on grapes and cheese, who wears out her […]

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It is snowing on my Tipi

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This morning I sat at my desk watching the snowstorm rage outside, my palms cradling a fresh cup of coffee. Having a toddler and a baby to care for, warming my palms (both at the same time) on a hot (and not reheated) cup of coffee is a rare and delicious treat. Exhausted by a sleepless night due to his first round […]

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