Quick and Easy Barley Mujaddara

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Forget the ease of this recipe and the awesome nutritional benefits of eating a (tasty!) complete vegetarian protein. Mujaddara is one of the most beloved middle eastern foods due to its simplicity (it’s still just rice and lentils) but complex flavors. It is a wonderful side dish to any meat or fish but will also make […]

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Quick Vegan Lentil Patties

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This recipe is just what the doctor ordered if you happen to be: 1. Tired 2. Under the weather 3. Tending to under aged rugrats that are tired and under the weather 4. lacking time to cook real food due to items 1-3 5. Have only 3 ingredients in your pantry 6. Have your beloved […]

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How to cook Asparagus in the microwave

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Are you intimidated by asparagus? I know I was. Aren’t you glad we had this talk? I feel much better now. Until discovering this cooking method, Asparagus was a special occasion dish around here and I fretted each time. Should I boil it? steam it? bake it in the oven? Asparagus just seemed too elegant to […]

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Baby Countdown #7 Cucumber salad in Tahini sauce

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I have a confession to make. I have deliberately started this baby countdown with no real intention of finishing it. I was beyond certain that the baby will come quicker than my list of recipes will dry out. Well guess what? Tonight I am posting the last recipe on the list, bending to reach my keyboard over my […]

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Baby countdown #4 Baby Carrots in Lemon and Garlic

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I guess I have babies on my mind. I wonder why. Oh yeah, maybe because I’ve got one sitting right over my bowels, waking me up at night with contractions that disappear just when I’m about to call Labour and Delivery and makes me, in general, look fat. Today I am celebrating two days post due. […]

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Slow Cooker Red Lentil and Swiss-Chard Soup

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What if you came home for lunch one day and in between reheating leftovers and hurrying back to work you realized that except that last slice of quiche you just inhaled, there is nothing to eat for supper? No problem, you might say, just call in some takeout or go out for a meal. Now, […]

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Slow Cooker Sesame Broccoli and Mushrooms

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Why order Chinese? balance these deliciously Asian tasting veggies on top of white rice or some  noodles and there you have it!  No wok, no stir frying, no oil splashes on your  nice kitchen counters, no hassle. Simply dump your ingredients in the slow cooker and set the buzzer for two hours. This dish tastes kinda adult-ish. […]

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Slow cooker Lentil Dahl

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I swear I do not own Fenugreek, Kaffir lime leaves, green Cardamom, black cumin seeds or any other substance you need wikipedia’s  help to spell out. What I do own as of last week is an easy-peasy (lentils are so hard to rhyme) lentil dahl (inspired, I have no claim of authenticity) dish that cooks itself […]

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Microwave Apricot Jam

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This jam practically sustained my mother in law through a whole weekend of wrangling babysitting my two little scoundrels treasures, while the hubby and I took off to ogle watch Bon Jovi in Winnipeg. All. By. Ourselves. In the scope of  a mere 72 hours we came dangerously close to missing our plane(s) (and thus loose everything) due to […]

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Simple and flavorful Bruschetta

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I was hesitating if to post this recipe due to it’s simplicity, but then I remembered that sometimes, the simplest, most basic of recipes are the hardest to find out there in the Wild Wild West (oh, wait,  is that the World Wide Web?). No fancy duck confit here folks. Bruschetta is a great way to […]

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